With mass shootings worldwide skyrocketing, existing solutions to secure public spaces require streamlining at procedures at large invasive. Angely sets out to market a solution that tracks concealed weapons at a distance, allowing free traffic flow by fusing space-derived magnetics tech and neural-network processed image data. Their vision is a...


Aims to guide every vessel's mile with their AI-powered ocean forecasts for an undisruptive, greener, safer and more cost-efficient maritime transport. Their data’s unparalleled precision can help marine management software companies optimize shipping performance like never before.


Η Caius E.E., startup στον τομέα της τεχνητής νοημοσύνης και της ψηφιοποίησης δασικών περιοχών προσφέρει μία θέση εργασίας στον τομέα του Marketing για την προώθηση των καινοτόμων προϊόντων της.


Aims to revolutionize satellite connectivity via its novel 3D printed multi-beam antenna and make it available to everyone. SpaceIS will offer seamless satellite handover (make-before-break) with very low cost and efficient SWaP (Size, Weight and Power). Our antenna can “bend” radio waves through our sophisticated lenses, creating beams that communicate...


By using satellite and geomorphological data in the study of forest areas and natural systems, Caius has developed AILApaths, an AI-based tool that can automatically detect trails in rural areas, evaluate their condition and organize them in a network easily accessible to the final user in the form of a...


Job description Participation in Research and Development Programs with ESA or EU in Space and/or Satellite Communications and 5G technologies.