ESA BIC Greece

The ESA BIC Greece is the 21st to open. It will be located in the Innovation Hub of Athens at Maroussi, Attica that Corallia currently operates.

The objective of the ESA BIC Greece is to create and strengthen the community of successful space related start-ups in Greece by supporting 25 incubatees over the period of 5 years under the ESA BIC scheme. The incubated start-ups should either exploit space technology in non-space markets (spin-off) or become suppliers to the space sector (spin-in).

The ESA BIC Greece will provide support to the start-ups such that they can develop their business and their technology. The incubatees in turn are expected to deliver concrete demonstrable results for the financial incentive they get (50k), targeting ESA to become their potential first customer. In this respect the ESA BIC Greece will assist incubatees in areas including business coaching, access to funding, legal advice, and opportunities for relevant networking.

Moreover the ESA BIC Greece will also underpin the creation, grow and strengthening of the space cluster in Greece, will contribute to the national innovation and space strategies, will encourage further uptake of space-based services, will support transfer of technologies from/to the space sector and will create jobs and economic growth that is so much needed in Greece.

Corallia Innohub

Kifissias Ave. 44
Monumental Plaza-Building C
GR-15125 Maroussi Athens Greece

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    The team at ESA BIC Greece is here to support you and your team to be successful.

    ESA BIC Greece Partners

    Corallia a unit of the Research Center Athena is tasked with implementing the ESA BIC Greece. This will be accomplished in collaboration with more than 65 supporting organisations. Those supporters are Ministries and Public Agencies, Universities, Research Centers, Industry, Financing Institutions, Associations and Networks, other ESA BICs and Civil Society NFPs in Greece and ESA Members. The Greek Ministry of Digital Governance has identified the creation of the ESA BIC Greece as a key element in the development plan of the Greek Space Industry